Translations Wave

Healthcare Translations

Effective communication in health care can make a life and death difference. Poor translation of patient information, medical questionnaires and medical equipment or manuals can be a fatal error and may issue a court action.
There is nothing more important in Health Care translation than accuracy

Legal Translations

Legal translation requires very specialist knowledge; wording for such an instrument is very precise and can be no ambiguity. Getting the translation of legal documents incorrectly can lead to confusion, frustration, undue delays and huge costs.
If you need to translate contracts, summons, a complaint or evidence tape transcription, you can be sure that the translated document we return to you will be 100% correct

Alternative Formats

We offer the conversion of your text into alternative formats such as large print and Braille (English, Spanish, French, German, and Italian) to help groups such as visual impaired and people with learning difficulties. We also offer Translation/adaptation of the text in audio format, in different languages to help communication with the visually handicapped or illiterate

Pharmaceutical translations

We provide high quality, accurate translation services for the medical and pharmaceutical industries.
Our linguists are experienced and qualified medical and pharmaceutical translators, often with a degree in medicine or related fields such as pharmacology. We understand the complex medical and pharmaceutical terminology ensuring that translations are both accurate and consistent through the project